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The cloud is greener on the other side: How to be more sustainable in your IT practices

Gartner predicts that a quarter of CIOs will see their personal compensation linked to sustainable technology impact by 2027. As concern rises regarding the energy use and environmental impact of technology, it’s increasingly critical for organisations to ensure IT becomes more efficient, circular, and sustainable. Cloud plays an ever more central role in IT strategy, and which public clouds you choose to work with and how you continue to run and manage your private cloud has a big say in your green credentials. 

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Day-to-DAI life part II: The rise of enterprise AI

We’ve previously written about the use of AI in the workplace and what is driving the increased adoption of solutions like Microsoft Copilot across organisations today. More and more businesses want to leverage the creative and operational advantages of generative AI platforms for their users. As such, the field of business-focused AI is an area of fast-paced innovation, with existing solutions being updated, and new ones being announced. With that in mind, what are these new AI offerings, how do they differ, and what do they mean for businesses?

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Help new devices take flight with Windows Autopilot

For a long-time, the configuration and deployment of new devices has been a source of frustration for IT teams. Typically a manual process, blank devices are unboxed and individually configured with a pre-defined image. This requires a significant investment of both time and resource, especially when you consider the different profiles required for the various user types within a single organisation.

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Day-to-DAI life: AI adoption in business

AI adoption in businesses took its time, but there’s been a major shift over the last couple of years thanks to the democratisation of the technology behind it. Where AI used to sound like something far-off that happened in labs, it now touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

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