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Microsoft Defender for Business helps SMEs put up enterprise-grade defences

New attack vectors and sophisticated delivery have placed organisations of every size at increased risk of cyber-attack, and smaller businesses remain prime targets for exploit. 82% of ransomware attacks target businesses with under 1,000 employees, but these organisations often lack the skills and resources needed to deploy protections that secure them against emerging threats. Additionally, many security solutions are geared towards larger organisations seeing that cost and complexity become blockers to implementation for smaller business.

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Why Zero Trust Network Architecture is becoming the go-to security approach

Traditional cybersecurity protections have always orbited around the perimeter, and the basic concept is simple one. All of your valuable data and applications are made available on your network, surrounded by a perimeter firewall to secure them against potential cybersecurity threats. Once inside, users are trusted and can move through your network freely. Should you ever need to protect against new threats, you reinforce the protections deployed at the perimeter.

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Rethink your device estate with Lenovo DaaS

Productivity has a big hand in your business success, so ensuring your users can work at their best is crucial. The devices you place in their hands could make or break the output you can expect from your team. Different workstyles, age of device, and apps to be used will all play a part in how your users experience their technology and how empowered they can be.

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Don’t overlook the value of device-level security

Security is always top of mind for IT teams, but the shift from office-based to remote working has made it even more of a pressing concern.

Even when businesses deploy best of breed security solutions, there’s a burden on individual users to mitigate cyber security risks. This is especially significant considering that human error is the number one cause of cyber security breaches, with 88% of data breach incidents being caused by human mistakes.

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Windows 11: Why now, and why should you make an upgrade?

It’s been over 6 years since the global launch of Windows 10,  a product that was heralded as ‘the last ever version’ of the world’s most used operating system.

Unlike its predecessor, Windows 8, Windows 10 was not created as a short-term solution but as an OS for life. An ever-present product that would receive regular patches and updates to deliver security enhancement and new functionality, and therefore avoiding the need to replace with a new version several years down the line.

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Smart mesh technology: The secret to successful office Wi-Fi deployment

The office is unlikely to be the same place again. New modes of working and more freedoms regarding the location of where work gets done is making businesses question how much real estate they need and how they make that which they retain perform better for the people that use it. If people are to no longer be tethered to desks within the office, connectivity quickly gets called into question. Reliable Wi-Fi networks will be a key ingredient to reimaging the office for years to come. But looked at and deployed differently, there’s much more value the network can give.

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