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How NaaS is shaping the future of network operations

The traditional ‘buy, build, operate’ (BBO) approach for enterprise networks once promised agility and flexibility. However, it poses increasing challenges in the modern cloud-first, distributed world. 

Too many disparate devices and tools, new business requirements at the network edge, and increasing security risks make BBO a much bigger task than IT teams have tackled in the past. And that’s before you consider the scale of resource and expertise needed to truly take this on now, especially with the velocity of change occurring in the network as businesses digitally transform, seeking to create more value from IT.  

The NaaS approach 

With advantages in cost, agility, operations, and innovation, Network-as-a-Service represents a modern paradigm for enterprise networking. The as-a-service model aligns well with the dynamic needs of digital business, as it allows customers to operate their own networks without having to do all the heavy lifting involved in maintaining a network infrastructure.  

Recently named an SD-WAN Magic Quadrant™ Leader six years in a row, HPE’s contribution to the NaaS landscape is embodied in Aruba. All the value of the Aruba technology stack is now delivered as NaaS under the GreenLake portfolio of consumption-based solutions, making it a compelling option for businesses looking to discover a more cloud-like approach to deploying, managing, and paying for their network. A single-vendor approach also provides benefits both technologically and commercially, as there’s a single, dedicated point of contact and only one vendor to pay – no BBO-style collection of tech, management overheads or cost inefficiencies distracting from key business strategy. 

What are some key benefits driving adoption of NaaS? 

Reduced Capex 

NaaS eliminates large upfront capital expenditures on network hardware like routers, switches, firewalls, and related on-premises equipment. Instead, networks are delivered as a monthly subscription-based service. This shifts spending from CapEx to more predictable OpEx. 


Businesses can scale network capacity and capabilities up or down as needed via a service provider such as HPE. This agility is simply not possible with owned hardware. NaaS allows for adjustment in the network to quickly meet changing demands. 


Provisioning new offices and locations is accelerated using the NaaS cloud-based model. Networks can be spun-up quickly without long equipment procurement and deployment cycles. This enables agile business expansion and adaptation. 

Simplified Operations 

All the burden of network monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrade management shifts to the NaaS provider. This frees up IT personnel for strategic initiatives rather than network fire drills and keeping the lights on.  

Enhanced Security 

As part of your NaaS it’s possible to add advanced security capabilities like next-gen firewalls, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, encryption, and more. This enhances security posture versus DIY networks. 

Access to Innovation 

Regular upgrades and new capabilities from the provider offer access to the latest network advancements such as 5G and SD-WAN. This means the burden to continuously innovate is handled by the provider. 

Skill Optimisation 

IT resources spend less time maintaining networks and more time adding strategic value. Network engineers can focus on creative enhancements versus routine support tickets. 

NaaS allows IT to focus less on network plumbing and more on driving innovation and strategic outcomes. Best of all, you don’t have to try and replace every part of your network – simply start at the edge with wireless access or IoT control, securing the many things now needing to access your environment, and grow from there. So, while network ownership still has its place in some scenarios, it’s clear that more organisations are embracing NaaS as a flexible, future-looking option. 

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