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The fully-managed cloud service provided everything we required

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Managed Cloud Service

Barber Young Burton & Rind solicitors decided to investigate a move to a cloud-based IT service as an alternative to having to replace our ageing in-house hardware and software systems and the overhead of maintaining them. The fully-managed cloud service proposed and delivered by IT Corporation provided all the functionality we required on a cost-efficient basis.

Following the initial meeting, IT Corporation designed and subsequently implemented a cloud-based environment which provided everything in terms of software and services that we were getting from our on premise infrastructure, plus some added benefits. The migration from the on-premises to cloud-based solution was carried out over a weekend period, which meant there was no down time for our business during our normal working hours.

We no longer have to house, pay to maintain, upgrade or worry about the possible failure of any server equipment in our offices. The back up of data is also now fully managed by the IT Corporation service, which has resolved a constant previous problem of our staff having to remember to change the back up media on a daily basis. We have also achieved our primary goal of providing our senior partners with secure system access via internet connectivity from wherever in the world they may be located.

From start to finish, their engineers were patient, understanding and knowledgeable, and they have delivered a cloud-based solution with ongoing support that can grow and change to suit our business without the need for additional capital investment.

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