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Can we guarantee that your orders will always arrive on time?

Where items are not immediately available from stock, we are heavily reliant upon information given to us from distributors and manufacturers with regard to lead times – and, unfortunately, lead times can slip as a result of circumstances beyond our control.

We ask you to appreciate that any lead times quoted are given in good faith and that we will never knowingly give you unrealistic lead times in order to secure business.

IT Corporation firmly believes in the “a problem aired is a problem spared” philosophy, and our experience has proven that when delivery problems are identified promptly, it gives everyone involved an opportunity to rectify or alleviate a potentially problematic situation. Our internal process of obtaining updates for all outstanding orders, first thing in the morning on a daily basis, enables us to implement this approach.

We will share with you any information relating to changes to original lead times as soon as we are made aware, and will take ownership of the issue and, wherever possible, work to provide an alternative option or solution.

However, we ask you to work with us and be fair and realistic when requesting delivery schedules. Some delivery requirements are more critical than others; please make us aware of any crucial elements when placing an order so we can discuss options with you (the availability of timed delivery services, for example).

This two-way partnership helps us strengthen relationships and assists us in providing our highly-regarded service levels.

Whilst this approach may not, and should not, seem revolutionary, have you ever had to chase a supplier to find out where your delivery is?