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Honesty Policy

The best working relationships are built upon honesty, openness and integrity.

Doing business is very much a two-way partnership. Our long-standing customer relationships are built upon a foundation of mutual trust and integrity.

If you choose to work with IT Corporation, what guarantees can we give you?

Can we guarantee that your orders will always arrive on time?

Where items are not immediately available from stock, we are heavily reliant upon information given to us from distributors and manufacturers with regard to lead times – and, unfortunately, lead times can slip as a result of circumstances beyond our control. (read more →)

Can we guarantee that your products will always work when they arrive?

Despite our best efforts to alleviate this problem by testing hardware such as servers, laptops and desktops (where requested) prior to delivery, invariably there will be occasions when products ordered from IT Corporation do not work correctly on receipt. (read more →)

Can we guarantee that our prices will always be the cheapest?

IT Corporation always maintains a highly competitive pricing structure across our complete portfolio; however, like many other organisations, our fundamental reason for being in business is to be profitable. Occasionally, in this extremely competitive industry, there are others ready to undercut pricing, offer loss-leaders, and compromise margins at the expense of pre-sales advice, post-sales support, and customer service. (read more →)