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Science fiction to science fact – AI hits your data centre

Operation and maintenance of the data centre is changing; the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing a vital role in this development. The advancements in AI are delivering incredible results, with an increasing number of real-life applications coming to light as the technology progresses.

The ability to absorb information to enhance understanding, inform decisions, and formulate insightful predictions makes AI beneficial to a wide range of use cases. Capitalising on this fast-developing discipline could revolutionise how you operate much of your IT including your data centre.

What do we mean by AI?

What we’re talking about is genuine artificial intelligence (AI) –advanced machines created with the ability to take on complex information and analyse data in real-time. Building a strong knowledge base, these machines learn to interpret any variations or patterns that emerge, acting upon this new intelligence to deliver an appropriate response.

As the machine gathers additional data, the AI evolves and adapts, learning from previous experiences to shape its outlook and rise to new challenges.

Developments for the data centre

Unlike the 2001 Spielberg sci-fi movie of the same name, AI in the data centre is well on its way to becoming a big commercial hit.

Historically the process of managing the data centre was expensive, time-consuming, and required a number of experienced staff. Trends and patterns were difficult to track and even more difficult to predict, leading to a sluggish response to changes or threats to the environment. Analysing the level of data needed to accurately assess these issues and identify changes was nigh on impossible – creating an inefficient system that could only be enhanced as a result of laborious human intervention.

The integration of AI changes everything

Smart and sophisticated, an AI-defined infrastructure collects and assesses a huge amount of data from every component in the environment. It’s possible to regulate and control everything from cooling, to power supply, and the utilisation of individual IT resources or even the entire infrastructure.   Actions are completely automated by data-driven decisions based on a wealth of prior knowledge that informs insightful predictions, underwritten by deep analytics.

This level of autonomy is not only hugely impressive, it will make a genuine impact on your business. Super-efficient, AI reduces expenditure, gets ahead of the problems and unburdens IT teams to focus on other more valuable tasks.

HPE makes AI in the data centre go mainstream

HPE InfoSight is one of the world’s first commercially available AI-defined infrastructure and its available today with every HPE Nimble Storage array to manage not only your storage, but other cross stack resources.  It’s clever stuff and has the potential to dramatically improve the operation of your data centre, now and always thanks to the huge network of sensors buried in each Nimble array since they started shipping in 2010.  We’re very excited for our customers as it offers a real and practical step into the world of AI.

To learn more, take 15 minutes out to read our latest eBook and get up to speed with everything you need to know about the key concepts surrounding the role of AI in your data centre, and how to capture the benefits with HPE.