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Rethink your device estate with Lenovo DaaS

Productivity has a big hand in your business success, so ensuring your users can work at their best is crucial. The devices you place in their hands could make or break the output you can expect from your team. Different workstyles, age of device, and apps to be used will all play a part in how your users experience their technology and how empowered they can be.

But achieving this places a huge demand on already stretched IT teams to outline and deliver on a device strategy that is genuinely focused on the user. This includes choice in device selection, the regular refresh of machines, and the ability to adapt to changing requirements such as new ways of working.

It’s for these reasons that more IT teams are turning to new ways to acquire and operate their device estate. Device as a Service (DaaS) from Lenovo is one such model and is changing the game on the traditional buy-run-dispose approach for PC ownership and administration.

What is Lenovo DaaS?

A complete managed service, Lenovo DaaS allows you to roll up hardware, software and services into one single monthly subscription. DaaS is delivered as a consumption-based service, meaning you only ever pay for what you use, with regular device refresh cemented at the heart of the offering.

Every element of the device lifecycle is covered. From initial planning and device strategy through to configuration, deployment, support, management and eventual retirement. DaaS sees that you offload the burden of your device estate to an expert team, ensuring your users get the tech they need to work at their best while freeing up your IT team to work on new projects that add value.

Devices on a monthly subscription. This just sounds like a lease?

While the monthly payment model is similar to what you’d expect with a device lease, this is really where the similarities end.

With a traditional lease you are removing the need to purchase technology outright by paying a regular fee to effectively rent your technology, but the onus for identifying, sourcing and managing that technology often still rests with your IT team. A lease is essentially an alternative to device purchase, but not a genuine option for device management.

With Lenovo DasS however, you are paying for a complete managed service that includes not only the device itself, but a wide range of services and software that create a comprehensive device lifecycle offering that adds serious value to how you manage the devices in the hands of your users.

The benefits of choosing DaaS

By deploying Lenovo Device as a Service you are doing more than simply servicing your users with the latest tech. There are also several commercial and operational benefits to be realised:

1. Shift device spend from CAPEX to OPEX

While traditional device strategies see you purchase your technology outright, DaaS allows you to shift your device outlay from a one-off CAPEX investment to an ongoing OPEX cost. This is especially beneficial in the current climate where businesses are dealing with post-pandemic realities and reassessing budgets after having to make unexpected investments to support new working practices.

With an ongoing OPEX cost there’s no longer a need to allocate significant sums for device refresh which means money can potentially be invested in other areas without leaving your team sweating legacy devices or the IT budget exposed. It’s a sure-fire way to accelerate digital transformation even when funding is tight.

2. A flexible service that scales with you

One of the major benefits of DaaS is its consumption-based pricing model which offers unprecedented levels of flexibility. Services within your DaaS can be scaled up or down as needed, and predictable costs give you full visibility over the impact to your bottom line. Importantly, this means that you won’t be left holding on to technology or licenses that you no longer need, or caught short should you need to increase your device coverage.

The make up of your Lenovo DaaS is also highly flexible with the option to include not just client devices but desktops and mobile tech, not to mention a wide array of services and software solutions from across the Lenovo portfolio. There’s even the potential to build in other areas of your IT estate such as datacentre technology.

3. Increased end user productivity with devices that work for them

With your device refresh delivered as part of your DaaS subscription you can better ensure that your users are provided with the latest technology. This removes the challenges of poor performance or downtime which can impact productivity and morale, ensuring every user can keep working at their best without legacy technology holding them back.

This goes a step beyond devices themselves with additional services ready to support remote working as part of a work-from-anywhere culture. Zero-touch deployment sees that devices can be set up externally and delivered to users at home, while cloud-based management tools and Lenovo intelligence ensure that each device is optimised and working effectively.

Ready to discover DaaS? 

If you’d like to learn more about the value of Lenovo DaaS and how it could help you change the way you procure, manage and refresh your devices then our team is here to help.

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