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Managed services build firm foundations for start-ups

For those starting a new business, your IT estate is both an essential business requirement and an added complication.  Whatever industry you’re working in, you’ll rely on your IT to not just support your business from day one, but help you create outward value, whether that’s how you enable your people to collaborate, how you streamline important businesses processes or how you protect your data.  At the beginning, it’s unlikely you will be able to commit the time and resources required to set this up yourself, or perhaps even have the know-how to do so.

Naturally, your time is better spent growing your emerging business, which is why assistance from an experienced IT partner is an appealing solution.  That said, choosing the wrong partner can be costly, leaving you facing the prospect of unexpected expenditure and unwanted delays and downtime.

Working with start-ups is an area in which we’ve amassed a wealth of experience in recent years and as a result, we can offer genuine insights into the technologies and support that will work best for you, covering every area of your new IT estate. And while your immediate reaction might be to go all-out and buy everything you think you need and then find support from a third-party, there are other ways to achieve the same end, often with better results for your business and your bank balance.

Read on as we explain why you might want to take a closer look at a managed service, and why so many start-ups choose to work with us.

Why choose a managed service?

Considering a managed service is highly attractive for start-ups because you can potentially roll-up every aspect of your new IT infrastructure including hardware, key business applications and security around a robust and comprehensive support service.  Instead of paying upfront for much of what you need, you’re billed in increments (typically monthly) which makes budget management easier and often enables you to commit to the technology you’d like, as well as what you need.

Like car or home insurance, you only feel the true benefit of a managed service when you need it most.  Should you encounter technical difficulties or require any assistance, being able to call upon genuine experts has a real value.

Without the support of an experienced and knowledgeable IT partner, you’ll need to either invest in your own internal resource or look to manage everything yourself.  This can create a drain on your own time, unexpected expenditure for the business and additional disruption and downtime should first time fixes fail.

With the right support, however you’ll be safe in the knowledge that help is at hand when you need it, and able to access the knowledge and advice of an experienced team to assist with changes to your infrastructure or instigating new projects.

A kick-start for start-ups

As a start-up there are a million and one things that you need to be focussing on to help get your new endeavour off the ground.

By choosing a managed service, you can access everything you need from a single provider and ensure a smooth all-round experience by tailoring the type of support and response times to exactly what you need.  Likewise, the rise of cloud services means many of your key business applications, collaboration tools and storage needs can be delivered to you on a pay-as-you-go basis, eliminating the need to build your own expensive on-premises infrastructure.  Furthermore, the ease of starting these services offers unrivalled freedom and flexibility to switch-on and get started quickly.  A skilled managed services provider will be able to get many of these services up and running within just one day.  You can also secure greater commercial value by rolling up multiple aspects of your estate into a single monthly subscription, avoiding unnecessary capital outlay.

What we can offer

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of customer service, and that extends to our managed service offerings.

As part of our extensive and flexible support, we ensure that any IT issues are dealt with as quickly as possible.  We don’t use call handlers, meaning you’re in touch with a genuine expert able to assist you right away with 1-hour SLA’s.  And should you need to escalate an issue, our strong relationships with some of the world’s leading technology providers ensure you get access to the very best support through a single provider.  We also monitor user devices and other areas of your estate to get on top of problems before they emerge, ensuring you avoid any unwanted disruptions without the additional admin burden.

What’s more, we understand the potential pitfalls start-ups can encounter as they look to establish a firm footing.  By implementing technology that best suits your needs, you can side-step unnecessary capital expense and build an IT estate that’s up to the unique demands of your new business.

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with one of the team.