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Remote Monitoring

Our help desk services are not limited to reacting to incoming requests for help; we also provide 24/7 remote systems monitoring and pre-failure alerting services, enabling our engineers to deal with potential issues such as disk capacity limits, failed hardware or system backup errors, before they become critical issues for your business.

Whether your IT infrastructure is on-premises, cloud based, or a hybrid model, our agentless remote monitoring service communicates directly with your network. This means we can strictly control the traffic that is allowed to flow between your monitored systems and our own by limiting specific TCP/IP addresses and port numbers or even implementing a dedicated site-to-site secure VPN connection for total peace of mind.

The solution is extremely granular in its ability to monitor a wide range of parameters. Not only can it detect occurrences such as failed components on a server, but it can be customised to monitor areas such as Microsoft Exchange Server queue lengths, enabling our engineers to spot potential SMTP transmission delays or spam attacks long before your users or network managers notice a problem.