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Hardware Break/Fix

Working in conjunction with trusted partners for many years, IT Corporation provides UK wide hardware break/fix services to maintain and fix critical hardware, ranging from core infrastructure servers, storage area networks (SAN’s) and network switches all the way through to printers, desktop computers and laptops.

Working to a range of contracted timescales offered (with up to 24x7x365 coverage), our engineers will log details of the failed items, cross-check the details on our customer inventory records, and arrange for an engineer to attend your site to begin working on the problem. Temporary loan equipment will be provided (if required) should the problem not be fixable on-site or if the required spare parts are not immediately available.

In the event that a laptop or desktop system has failed and the hard disk needs to be replaced, IT Corporation offers a service that provides an additional engineer on-site to undertake the reinstallation of the base operating system and required core applications, customised as required to ensure the item is ready to be used immediately by your user on return. If IT Corporation already holds your system images for desktop/laptop pre-configuration prior to delivery, this can be applied as part of the process – thus reducing the time needed to return the item to your user.