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Office 365

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Firstly, it is a somewhat misleading nomenclature as at first glance it can give rise to an association with the Microsoft Office application suite of products, and a common misunderstanding that it is simply cut-down web-based versions of this software.

For those who are more au fait, often the initial driving force for your business to consider a potential toe-dip into the waters of Microsoft Office 365 is to implement a hybrid or completely cloud-based e-mail solution in the form of Microsoft Exchange Online, and yet Office 365 can offer so much more than this.

The Office 365 solutions are available in a number of different and constantly-evolving packages and plans, but our technical knowledge, combined with our detailed understanding of Microsoft licencing enables us to deliver the elements of the Office 365 offerings that are relevant to your business, ensure that you are fully utilising them, and show you how to take advantage of better ways for your staff to collaborate.

Business-class e-mail (including shared calendars), locally-installed (and web-based) Microsoft Office applications, data storage and sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing, cloud-based telephone systems and more can all form part of an Office 365 solution.