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Migration to the Cloud

Many companies can benefit from the business agility and cost savings that can be realised by utilising cloud-based solutions and services. However, there can often be misconceptions and misunderstandings of exactly what moving to or utilising “the cloud” means or entails.

Essentially, cloud computing provides the opportunity to break away from the traditional on-premises server-based infrastructure and can often better serve the modern way of working. Faster, more reliable and more cost-effective internet connectivity, in addition to the rapidly growing cloud based managed services offered by companies like IT Corporation, mean that your business no longer necessarily needs office space dedicated to housing and cooling servers, to pay on-going hardware maintenance costs, or to undertake an infrastructure/software refresh program every few years.

Scalable and highly flexible cloud platforms can offer your business an alternative way to provide your key IT services to your workforce, and can incorporate straight-forward file storage, data backup, e-mail, instant messaging, virtual desktop, and application delivery among others.

Migrating to the cloud can seem like a daunting task, but with our extensive experience and knowledge we can safely navigate you through this process, working with you to plan and ultimately deliver the cloud solution that best suits your business.