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Business Continuity

IT Corporation can design and implement robust systems to meet any company’s business continuity requirements. These solutions can range from the very simple process of ensuring that all system backups are valid and retained off site in a secure environment, through full site data and system replication, to a dedicated facility geographically distant from the core infrastructure.

Storing backup data off-site in some manner, whether in the cloud or on physical media, should be an essential minimum requirement for any business. Part of this process should also ensure that backups complete successfully and are restore-tested frequently. A solution from IT Corporation will include continuous monitoring of your backup systems, confirming successful completion or alerting us of any errors that have occurred. Any issues are investigated by our team of engineers and action is taken accordingly to resolve the problems and rerun the backup task.

IT Corporation can also provide secure off-site physical storage of backup media and arrange its timely return to adhere to a structured media rotation policy, thus ensuring that, should the worst happen, there is a safe and secure copy of your data available to hand which we can use to get you up and running again with the minimum of disruption and down-time.

For larger, more complex organisations, IT Corporation can implement various replication and server duplication solutions. Making use of either a cloud-based virtual server, or the facilities of a dedicated business continuity facility located a suitable distance from your primary business, the solutions we deploy are designed to provide near-to-real-time copies of either core data or entire servers. The entire replication solutions are monitored and managed by IT Corporation, including planned annual full recovery testing, which we consider to be an imperative exercise.