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On Site Consultancy & Installation

IT Corporation can provide you with skilled engineers to use as a resource of your own, undertake specific projects, or implement newly-acquired systems and solutions.

We ensure that our engineers’ skills sets are up to date and, due to the changing nature of technology, that they are all exposed to a wide range of systems, new technology and different working environments on a regular basis. As a result, all IT Corporation engineers have a wide range of real-world knowledge and experience available for you to utilise on a flexible basis.

When engaged on a project or new technology implementation, one of our senior engineers will work with you to produce a detailed Scope of Works document to be agreed by both parties prior to the commencement of work. This document will precisely outline the project, the steps and tasks the IT Corporation engineers will undertake (including details of any prerequisites that must be in place, and any down time or out-of-hours work required), and will clearly define the completion criteria for you to sign off against once the project has been completed.

Our engineers are also available for pre-sales consultancy tasks, and will often work with the sales team to help research and design a solution or analyse the technical benefits of a technology on behalf of a customer. These pre-sales technical resources are free and enable many of our customers to offload these time-consuming research tasks to IT Corporation for independent evaluation and recommendations.